Sunday, 5 April 2015

Suzuki Gixxer SF, the lowest priced fully faired motorcycle in India. Price, Specs, Bookings, all you need to know about it!

Yesterday, International Business Times reported that Suzuki has started booking the new Gixxer SF in India for an advance payment of INR 5000. Later in the evening, some brochures leaked over internet revealed some important information about the bike including engine specifications, features of the motorcycle, colors on offer etc.

If folks at Motorbeam to be believed, then this upcoming faired Gixxer is expected to be introduced with a price tag of roughly 90 grands. That, if comes true, makes it the lowest priced fully-faired motorcycle available in the market as present. The new Gixxer is expected to be built over the same chassis as that of the present Gixxer150 sold by Suzuki. So, we can expect it to be dimensionally almost same as the existing Gixxer.

The bike will be powered by the same 154.9 cc single-cylinder engine churning out the power that measured 14.8PS at 9K RPM and the torque maxing out at the figure of 14Nm with tacho needle hitting 6K mark. The engine is expected to come mated with a 5-speed gearbox.The absence of liquid-cooling and other modern features contribute to Suzuki's ability to price a fully faired motorcycle at such price point.
Other features revealed from the brochures include a 7-step adjustable rear monoshock unit, a digital instrument console, LED tail lamp and the much talked about aerodynamic fairing. It is expected to hit the market on 7 April.

While the current Gixxer variant is doing good for Suzuki and so it should, being a good product on offer after a long time by Suzuki India, we hope the faired avatar will do more good for the company which is still struggling to make its mark in Indian market even after years. Nevertheless, our country has an obsession over faired motorcycles and this should not be an exception either.

Keeping our fingers crossed for it, we would love to hear your thoughts about this motorcycle which can potentially make a difference to the fate of Suzuki India. You are welcome to put the comment section below at work.


  1. Suzuki scooty, means totally harassment. Milage as lo as 25_28 kms. Go to workshop daily. No proper response. Beware of these dacoits.

  2. The best 28 kmpl with let's within 4 week after 1st service against cash as low as 57000/-

  3. The best 28 kmpl with let's within 4 week after 1st service against cash as low as 57000/-