Monday, 6 April 2015

Royal Enfield to come up with a 750cc twin-cylinder?

Royal Enfield has bumped back in the game after they've brought the much liked Continental GT to the daylight. Performance enthusiasts, for whom the brand had become a big name from history, yet again started eyeing the brand. The cafe racer reawakened performance-lovers' hopes from the brand and seems like the company is on the right path to deliver what is hoped. People at an motorcycling related website called BikePortal came up with a set of images of a Royal Enflied which doesn't look like the usual ones.

The images show a Royal Enfield Continental GT but if you look closer, the engine plonked on it is not what the bike comes with. It is a twin-cylinder motor. There have been rumours and speculations earlier that this might be a mod-job but the way things are turning, it is now believed that it can be a test mule by Royal Enfield itself. The engine could most probably be of 700-750 cubic capacity. As can be seen from the images, it is an inline, or rather parallel twin fed by 2 big carburettors breathing through free flow filters. If the speculations come true, the absence of fuel injection on a twin is a let-down. As obvious, it could be an idea to cut costs, but a bad one in my opinion.

Whatever list of goodies it comes with, a twin from Royal Enfield will be  highly appreciated not just be the hardcore RE lovers in India, but worldwide. What do you think about it? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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