Thursday, 2 April 2015

Suzuki to revolutionize the developing markets with its Recursion Concept. Files patents!

Suzuki is all set to revolutionize the motorcycling industry with their sleeves folded. The Suzuki Recursion concept motorcycle is their weapon this time. A semi-faired urban styled bike that looks great but nothing too futuristic at first look is powered by a 588cc water-cooled twin-cylinder engine. Though the striking point lies in its possession of a turbocharger with an intercooler.


The turbocharger helps the machine to offer a big-displacement power figures with middleweight bulk, resulting in a powerful yet light and quite nimble sportsbike. A bike that has the power in three-figures and handling characteristics of a 500cc motorcycle. Doesn't it sound a recipe too delicious? Well, mouth-watering it is. With its engine churning out 100bhp of power and 100Nm torque, it could be a beginning of a new era of motorcycles.

The turbocharger, as placed at the front-bottom of the engine in contrast to the Kawasaki H2R, seems to be operating on the exhaust gases in order to suck the air from surroundings. The air is then fed to the intercooler which is located right under the front seat. Suzuki has filed 2 patents for the concept Recursion. One being for a simple configuration that has a  pipe bypassing the intercooler which is fitted with a valve to feed more air at the time of rapid acceleration. And the second one, the more complex one, has a hollow gap in the intercooler. An air duct below the headlamps feeds the cool airflow to the gap inside the intercooler, from where the airflow exits near the rear wheel.

The idea is not a new one, and is something that can already be seen making headway in the automotive world. Able to offer more horsepower per litre, and more horsepower per physical cubic inch, forced induction systems have become a new way for manufacturers to make lighter and more efficient vehicles — a critical undertaking as fuel prices continue to rise.

While motorcycles have been more immune to the pressures of fuel prices, the ability to offer litre-bike power in a middleweight’s body is an attractive proposition that should perk the ears of any two-wheeled enthusiast. Will Suzuki build the Recursion concept as a production machine? That remains to be seen. But we, the motorcycling enthusiasts will always love to have something like this available in the market.

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