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Monday, 6 April 2015

Royal Enfield to come up with a 750cc twin-cylinder?

Royal Enfield has bumped back in the game after they've brought the much liked Continental GT to the daylight. Performance enthusiasts, for whom the brand had become a big name from history, yet again started eyeing the brand. The cafe racer reawakened performance-lovers' hopes from the brand and seems like the company is on the right path to deliver what is hoped. People at an motorcycling related website called BikePortal came up with a set of images of a Royal Enflied which doesn't look like the usual ones.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Most common and stupid modifications on bikes.

Modifications, or as we commonly call them 'mods', are expected to be done in order to get some increase in our bikes' performance or even looks but what if they do more harm than benefit? Are they justified? Are they worth their ill-effects or cost?

Here we mention a few very common but worthless modifications done on bikes these days.