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Saturday, 4 April 2015

DSK-Benelli starts up strong. Receive 300 bookings in the first week itself!

It hasn't been so long ago when DSK shook hands with the Italian motorcycle maker Benelli to bring some of their offerings to Indian market. Hardly a fortnight ago, DSK-Benelli announced the prices for their current offerings in the market and they have already received 300 bookings. Considering the presence of Benelli in India and the recent past of DSK, the bikes aren't priced too low if not a bit on the higher side. But the Italian beauties have still managed to get a good start. Though, it is too early to say anything as they are quite new here and the sales as well as service network is not quite well established yet either. But the way things are turning up at initial level deserve to have a corner of every enthusiast's eye on the company's progression.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

DSK Hyosung cruiser Aquila Pro enjoying good sales in India.

Recently, the cruiser bikes have gained considerable popularity in India and are still continuing with the same. This can be seen by the fact that DSK Hyosung has sold 145 Aquila Pro since January. The bike was launched in just 2 months ago and the number is already close to 150, which should have definitely made DSK Hyosung happy. The Managing Director of the DSK finds the response overwhelming. He gives the credit to timely delivery of the bikes and being first to 650cc segment. Its said that the bikes are being delivered within a week after they're booked by the customers.

Well, as enthusiasts and well-wishers of biking scenario in India, we hope that the market gets some more spark in the big bikes market of India.