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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Piaggio to launch Vespa Elegante in India!

After the huge success of their existing lineup under the premium scooter brand Vespa, Piaggio came up with another scoot, namely, Vespa Exclusivo. It is based on Vespa VX 125, which is one of the three already existing Vespa models in Indian market. If one of the major newspaper-backed autmobile reporting platform is to be believed, another new scooter named Vespa Elegante will also be introduced in India which is also based on the same Vespa VX 125 but will have more tid-bits of styling and distinctiveness. The scooters will be powered by the same 125cc mill that serves the other Vespa models, churning 10PS of power and 10.6Nm of torque. The scooter can be expected to hit the market around September at around 79,000 INR to make the most out of festive season.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

TVS Wego gets disc brake.

TVS Wego will now come with an option of a disc brake at front, keeping the standard non-disc variant still in place. TVS Motors was already producing the disc variant of Wego but to ship and sell it in other markets (read countries) but now India will also have it as an option for those who want the disc up front in their scoots as well.

Wego follows the suit and becomes the second scoot in the market to have telescopic shock abs and a disc brake up front as option, after Honda Aviator. This can be a start of a trend of offering these features as standard for all scoot manufacturers to keep up the competition.

The disc plate on Wego will be a 220mm one, and the rear will still sport the same 130mm drum brake as in standard variant. The disc variant can we seen in showrooms quite soon with a ex-showroom (Delhi) price tag of 49,157 INR, while the standard variant comes against 45,807 INR.